Culture and traditions

Customs – Sweden

The customs from Sweden They are almost the same as in the rest of Europe. As in many countries of Scandinavia, taking off your shoes when entering a house is the norm. This has a practical purpose rather than traditional: with the wet or snowy weather it can be, it is better to avoid making the house dirty. Anyway ask your hosts before doing so.

Swedes are people very concerned about respecting privacy. An example of this is that both vendors and waiters only receive customers with a brief greeting. It is normal that you have to ask for attention.

Smokers have a complicated picture. In Sweden Smoking is not allowed in any closed establishment, call restaurants, hotels and even bars.

The country has a pacifist tradition (they have not had a war since 1814) and tolerant. It is the industrialized country that has taken more refugees in relation to its population and is the host of Nobel Prize. Therefore, any kind of intolerant comment is very frowned upon.

The Swedes celebrate on April 30 and May 1 the pre-Christian festival called Walpurgis Night. During these dates, people burn everything they want to get rid of: old doors, papers, pruned trees or cardboard boxes.

All Saints Day is a date of dignity in Sweden. It is customary to light candles in the graves of relatives. The landscape that is generated is very beautiful.

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