Decoche rental in Prague

The car rental in Prague It has a varied offer of both international and local companies. The former have the advantage of providing better service and having bilingual staff, while local companies have the great advantage of having lower prices.

The most important companies of Prague They are:

The requirements for rent a car are: be over 21 years old, have had a driver’s license for more than one year and make a security deposit with your credit card. Prices include protection against theft and damage.

You should know what to circulate in car by Prague It is not a pleasant experience. The tracks are cobbled, several downtown areas are for pedestrians only, and finding parking is extremely difficult — not to mention that you need a permit to do so. To further discourage driving downtown, the city has established free parking lots very close to the subway. On the outskirts of the center the situation is not encouraging either because Prague does not have a complete ring of highways.

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