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Desert Erg Chebbi, Morocco

Desert Erg Chebbi ERG posee22 km long and 5 km wide. Its dunes can reach up to 150 meters. If you want to go to visit Merzouga, the local center for tourists.


It is located approximately 40 kilometers south-east of Erfoud The locals, seeing the immensity of the desert, believe they were sent as punishment to adapt to these Mediterranean lands.


Walk the high desert dunes on a camel and sleep in a jaima, surrounded by fine sand. If it happens in the afternoon, the desert will show its intense twilight from the great dune.


Also, there are oasis contrasting with the immense desert of the Mediterranean.


It can be reached by camel, 4 × 4 vehicles or quad for excursions, I go skiing on the dunes or take a arenoterapia treatment in tourist hotels.


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