Discotheques in A Coruña

In the Galician city of A Coruña We can find several discos to fan the night. Many young people head towards a mythical room called Party disco, which has robotic lighting and laser show. It even has 24,000w of turbosound sound. In addition, it has two dance floors, if what you are looking for is to alternate music styles.

Discotheques in A Coruña

If what you are looking for is to listen to varied music, you can go to Point 3, which is located near the Humor Square. It is a good alternative in Pius XII.

Clubs in A Coruña fiesta

In A Coruña You can also find favorable environments to have a drink with friends and, if you wish, sing and dance. Highlights the Disco Bar Ronda, a disco karaoke bar located in a basement at the roundabout on Finisterre Avenue. The people who come to this place liven up the night with all kinds of songs, as they have a large selection of music.

Discotheques in A Coruña dancing

There are discos for all types of public. The visitor can choose between Fox Trot, Chaston, Cus-Cus, or the discos Kuac, Liberty, Apollo, Nic Bay, Frama Y Ola Green Disco.

Fiesta de Palos (typical Dominican groups) at the Boogaloo nightclub in A Coruña.

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