Discotheques in Castelló

In Castelló, Valencia, The night has several disco alternatives. The regulars of Masía nightclubThey say it is different from any type of disco. It is located in an old farmhouse and is remote. Dr. Evil, the great DJ, plays varied music, but especially hard and impressive music. It is of the type New style. They also play other DJs like Ogalla, Héctor, Bass and Abel K Caña.

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Pyramid It is one of the biggest nightclubs in all Spain and possibly of Europe. It has 80 thousand square meters of parking. It has a very powerful sound and spectacular lighting. In addition, it offers three dance floors in different environments. The Mákina –hardcore room is the largest. There is a special room for events, with live shows, such as bachelor parties. There is pub-restaurant, hairdresser and even boutique. Highlights the DJ John Core

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For trance lovers – progressive and house is the Kalkat nightclub. To open until 7:45 in the morning.

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The Orbit nightclub It has two tracks, one with dance music and one with more commercial, funky, salsa and even pachanga music. It has an outdoor terrace. They have passed through here Iván Jazz Berri, Chumi-Limite, Ismael Lora-Rockola and Miguel Serna-Rockola.

Orbit nightclub.

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