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Continuing with our previous editions, where we have commented on the historical and Old Wall of Berlin, one of the most representative buildings of the Cold War and also inciting the German Separation, we have prepared some Photographs of the Old Berlin Wall, so that You know from before your trip to Germany!

Berlin Images

The old Berlin Wall, was built in the year 1961, on August 13 to finally be demolished on November 9 of 1989, achieving a victory of freedom over the German Democratic Republic, tearing down the wall that extended for more than 45 kilometers dividing the Old German capital, Berlin. Of course, reveals an interesting fact of the famous Old Wall of Berlin, which was not only “one” wall, but “two”, divided by a wide corridor of approximately 60 meters, full of mines, and with handles !

Today the famous Berlin Wall, is an exhibition of works of contemporary art, which runs for miles in the capital city of Berlin.

Photographs of the Berlin Wall, Travel to Germany

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