Discover Uganda: the pearl of Africa

Urganda It is a growing and exotic tourist destination that year after year is running as a favorite for those tourists who travel in search of unsurpassed natural beauty the pearl that one day took the famous and historic Winston Churchill to call it β€œThe Pearl of Africa

Beautiful panorama that leaves you breathless from the moment the traveler flies along the blue shores of Lake Victoria that are lost until they mix among its populated jungles that remind the equatorial populations making Urganda a different destination from the rest of its African neighbors, making it clear that Urganda is not just another safari trip, but an adventure to discover one of the greatest natural treasures of the huge African continent.

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Upon arrival in Urganda, it is appreciated that the area is dominated by one of the largest and largest golf courses in exotic Africa, moving over long distances to get lost on the horizon of the lake, which will take you to one of the most popular villages in Urganda, the small and rural β€œEntebbe”Of beautiful botanical gardens that offer a whole show for the cheerful visitors who enjoy watching the acrobatics of the monkeys that jump from branch to branch dancing among a variety of colorful species of birds.

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