Dive centers in Malaga

If we are in Malaga and we want to carry out sports activities such as diving, diving and diving, we can visit one of the recommended diving centers in this destination for water sports.

diving in Malaga

ScubBlue: If you consider yourself a true diving lover, then do not miss this fantastic opportunity to go through ScubAzul, by far one of the most popular references for diving at its different levels of difficulty. This center has been designed with a series of conditions that enable the practice for athletes with or are experienced, with immersion levels up to 12 meters deep. The technical courses cost from 26 euros. Available during the summer, spring, and fall seasons.

Malaga Diving: But if you are looking for a center with all the comforts of the case, then it is time to go around Málaga Diving, an ideal recreational space for people of all ages, with dives up to 17 meters deep that includes a variety of Fish of different sizes, diversity of corals, reefs, black brunettes and much more. Prices range from 40 euros. Available in summer, spring, and fall seasons.

Malaga dive centers

Dive in Marbella: If you do not have enough practical knowledge to dive in Malaga, here you can receive the technical assistance you need. The center is located in the Puerto Deportivo, with the support of classes guided by a group of specialists and professionals (maximum of 6 people per session). Sightseeing tours include dives up to 22 meters deep, with prices starting at 30 euros. Attention in the summer, spring, winter, and autumn seasons.

Dive centers in Malaga

Submálaka: And if it's popularity, this dive center has practically everything. Of course, it is not about any space suitable for all types of audiences. The dives are highly difficult, with 39 meters deep and an exquisite variety of marine species. Located on the Costa de Sol, with prices from 48 euros and availability 365 days a year.

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