Diving in Alicante

The scuba diving it’s nothing less than the diving, which can be done with or without the necessary equipment, which are costume, either dry, named because it does not allow the entry of water, or the wet suit in which if the entry of water is possible, and therefore it is more difficult to place as well.


Other parts of the team are la mask, gloves, vest and booties, which protect the feet.

diving Alicante

In case of going to deeper places, it is better to carry heavy equipment which includes carrying a tank or also called air bottle.

diving in Alicante the suit

In Alicante there are several groups that spread diving by Jávea, Benidorm, Benissa, Alacant, Guardamar Del Segura, Carp, Dénia, Montesol and Altea.

These groups want to show a new world underwater, from the basics to have fun while learning.

diving in Alicante at the bottom of the sea

The groups are taken in a boat to a certain distance from the coast, which is usually 10 meters, giving the proper instructions that must be taken into account by each of the participants, in order to enjoy marine beauty.

A trip under the sea of ​​Alicante, the Cave of the Virgin in Jávea.

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