Diving in Almería

Almeria It is a municipality of Andalusia and one of the Spanish destinations where we can enjoy the water sports practice Like diving

Dive in Almeria

If there are two points in this destination that give us beautiful reefs and a whole sea to know, we find the Cabo de Gata Natural Park and the San Andres Island Natural MonumentIn addition, in these places we will find various diving agencies that provide us with courses and materials necessary to be part of this experience.

Diving in Almería

One of the agencies that we will find in Almeria is Carboneras Diving. Courses are offered here for all types of interested parties, from people who only want to take an excursion and receive an introduction with basic notions, to people who want to learn but with a type of certification. The courses range from 250 euros for those with 3 to 4 days of learning.

Isub It is another dive center that will help us explore the wonders of Andalusia Natural Park. They offer courses ranging from baptism of diving to expert levels in emergencies, rescues and master in Scuba Diver.

Diving in Almería

To perform the activity we will need to have a swimsuit and towel, in addition, it is important to pass a medical exam that gives us as fit to practice underwater activities. In all courses the equipment, insurance and teaching material is included.

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