Diving in Cabo de Gata

There are many reasons for travel to Cabo de Gata, one of the busiest tourist stages of the Iberian Peninsula. Either for the natural charm or for the variety of aquatic scenarios for diving. Here are some suggestive sites to enjoy a well-deserved vacation with all the charm of Cabo de Gata.

Dive in Cabo de Gata

Annually, Cabo de Gata It receives the visit of a good number of athletes and fans to the aquatic world, who are encouraged to participate in the different programs to learn to dive. In that sense, there is a generous list of spaces designed for all types of audiences, from beginners to experts in this sport. Let's see some examples:

Diving in Cabo de Gata

The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar: If you plan to travel to Cabo de Gata without going through the Natural Park, then you have no idea what you are missing. In addition to being an ecological and inspiring space, we can also practice some diving in the middle of the Western Mediterranean Sea.

Cabo ce Gata: With a more than suggestive name, we are facing one of the most popular and paradisiacal points of the whole region, ideal for a family adventure, with the possibility of making quiet dives. Around the area there are several places for accommodation.

Diving Cabo de Gata

The San Andrés Crater: and finally we have this beautiful environment located on San Andres Island, with a depth of 5 meters and a diameter of 20 meters. Feel free to move through the waters of Cabo de Gata.

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