Diving in Calpe

Calpe It is a municipality of the Valencian Community It is located in the Marina Alta region and it stands out for its natural spaces and reefs ideal for diving. Here are the most popular places to to dive in Calpe.

Diving in Calpe

The FIG tree: We are facing one of the most popular sites in Calpe. Located between the areas of Los Arcos and the tip of the Peñon, with an immersion that allows us to discover an abundant maritime life with species such as large gilthead, nudibranchs of various colors, and octopus. Prices from 15 euros and depths of 32 meters.

Flat Rock: Discover an exquisite diversity of abundant fish in this dive center, located in the area of ​​the coast of Calpe, where we can also find other marine species such as sargos, castanets, salps, barracudas, and much more. Prices from 20 euros and depths of 12 meters.

Dive in Calpe

End of the Walk: The dives in this dive site are made on walls full of different marine species: fish, corals, nudibranchs, salps, among others. The view of the sea floor is really impressive. Prices from 18 euros and depths of 17 meters.

The bowl: located in the Peñon de Ifach is located this dive center available for the most experienced athletes. It is important to note that the availability of the site is subject only when the sea is calm, otherwise activities are suspended. Prices from 18 euros and depths of 20 meters.

Diving in Calpe

The Lobster Rock: With 30 to 35 meters deep, this is a wonderful setting to live in the middle of a huge amount of fish, as well as other species such as conger and lobsters. Located at the tip of the Peñon de Ifach, available on weekends with prices starting at 25 euros.

The end of the Cape: Here we can find a fantastic variety of colorful corals, soft anemones spread, and fish of different sizes spread across different areas. Ideal for divers with extensive experience, prices from 25 euros and depths of 35 meters.

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