Diving in Cuba

If there is something that is characterized by Cuba it is for its exotic places, paradisiacal beaches and a series of architectural constructions ideal for adventurous travelers. Although, among its attractions we must also include that Cuba is a reference for the sports tourism practice due to its variety of scenarios, islands and tropical regions.

Diving in Cuba

Custom, music, culture and beaches, all in one place that will make your stay a pleasant experience. And to improve your chances of playing sports, we have compiled some recommended spaces that will allow you to put into practice your knowledge and skills as a diver.

Havana. Here we can visit Coral Island, a destination that offers us a number of marine species such as corals, hydrozoans, vivalves, sponges and algae.

Dive in Cuba

Sanchez Barcastegui. We will be able to visualize marine species such as schools, shadles, robalos, groupers and others.

Commodore. Discover an important diversity of fish of all sizes, in the middle of this fishing boat turned into an artificial reef.

Header of the Chopas. Meet maritime species such as column corals, sponges known as Basket of Venus and shoals of chopas.

Diving in Cuba

Guardavalaca Dive among a wide variety of corals and large gorgonians. Ideal for beginners in the world of diving.

Beautiful song. An area where we can dive at a depth of 35 meters and where we can visualize marine species such as lobsters, crabs, octopus and many coral fish.

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