Diving in Denia

If there is something that is characterized by Denia, it is for the diversity of centers and schools to to dive It already has one of the most important recreational activities in this region.


If you still don't know a reference point to go with the whole family, below we present the best guide of Denia Diving Centers, in addition to some special surfaces that are distributed according to the level of skill of each athlete.

Gised Denia: First of all we have this diving club that was built in 1960. It is currently one of the most representative points of Denia. In total there are a hundred affiliated partners who come weekly to enjoy the different maritime proposals offered by this center, ideal for the whole family and for a day full of activities.

Dive in Denia

Mister Jones diving school: But if you do not have enough experience to deal with the most complex diving surfaces, then we recommend you to start in the world of the museum in this magnificent school, which puts at your disposal full staff of specialists in this sports discipline. Additionally there are also several spaces for accommodation and installation centers.

Diving in Denia

Xtreme Sub: This is one of those very inspiring spaces. In addition to enjoying an affordable rate, the great diversity of fish and marine animals that we can find in this dive center is really incredible. Highly recommended.

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