Diving in Formentera

We rarely have the opportunity to find a place with the characteristics of Formentera, a recreational and inspiring space for the practice of a series of sports activities, especially, aquatic. This is our tour of the dive centers where we can practice underwater in Formentera.

diving in Formentera

Marina de Formentera Sports School: This is one of those centers designed for those people with little experience in scuba diving. Here you can request the assistance of a group of specialists with extensive experience that will guide you step by step in mastering the skills of this sport. We can also enjoy a beautiful paradise view with the best of Formentera.

La Mola: With a more than suggestive name this is one of the most popular diving centers in the region; possibly due to the great diversity of marine species with which we can contact. It is a beautiful experience of living together that you will always remember.

Formentera Diving

Fourth Shop: Now it is the turn to talk about this museum center that enjoys a generous extinction, as well as different service establishments to enjoy a pleasant stay. The available surfaces are distributed according to the degree of experience.

Blue Adventure: and finally we have this charming and exclusive space for the practice of this sport and other water sports. Up to here come the professional athletes with more experience in the field, willing to enjoy a fantastic experience in the depths of the sea.

Diving in Formentera

Vellmari Formentera: Hundreds of marine species, diversity of corals, and a glamorous setting await us in this charming dive center, ideal for the whole family and to enjoy a recreational day.

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