Diving in Javea

If what you want is a bit of fun and adventure, then what you need is a walk around Javea, undoubtedly one of the best destinations for diving. We are talking about an important variety of scenarios, as well as other recreational spaces for tourism.

Diving in Javea

Javea It has the best view of the most beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean, a reason more than enough to encourage you to visit this heavenly destination. Due to the vertiginous growth of athletes and divers, Javea has countless schools to learn to dive.

In this opportunity we will review some of the most important points and references in the practice of diving.
Marine reserve of the Cape of San Antonio: first of all we have this wonderful space where we will be pleasantly surprised with an unprecedented natural setting, full of sea bass, gilthead sea bream, dentons, groupers and brunettes. And if all this is not enough, a diversity of marine species is also waiting for us.

Dive in Javea

Tango: Now it's time to talk about this environment with a depth of 20 meters. Ideal for those looking to start in the world of diving and learn to move through small sections.

Diving in Javea

The virgin: If you already have some experience in diving, then what suits you is to visit ‘La virgen’, located in the heart of San Martín, north of Javea. Beautiful landscapes, maritime life, and guided tours for divers of all levels await us.

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