Diving in Polynesia

Get to the Polynesia and not diving would be like traveling to the beach and not sunbathing. It is a pity, after such a long journey, do not take the opportunity to do so. Its crystal clear waters invite you to explore the deepest reaches of its surroundings. In the clearest waters you will notice that some species move without fear. You can measure the depth of its waters with your own eyes, because the more transparent you see the bottom, the less deep is the lake.

Diving in Bora Bora

The corals bright give that special color, enter the depth of its waters in the Society Islands and meet the stripes, spot the shy clownfish. If you are reckless then the atoll sharks Tuamotu They wait for you to take a look. This underwater world is not known to everyone, you definitely need guts to do it.

Diving with fins

Generally hotels offer you diving gear and provide yachts or boats to enter the sea. Travel agencies also offer this service, do not hesitate to consult. In Rangiroa For example you need a little experience because the currents are untimely, we recommend doing so in the months of June to November. The island Moorea, sister of Tahiti It also offers you a varied underwater life where you can travel with its fish balloons and rays. The coral funds will leave you speechless.

Diving in Tahiti

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