Diving in Tenerife

The Tenerife Island It is paradise for lovers of diving or diving, It offers wonderful places with corals and crystal clear waters, where you can practice this sport in perfect contemplation of nature. You can swim between a dense shade of bright fish and even feed the rays. There are a lot of diving clubs and companies specialized in these tours.

Diving in Tenerife

The area of Las Morenas it is a reference point of diving in Tenerife, located in the Los Cristianos Harbor. Access is by boat. Here you can see the three most common species: the murion, the black brunette and the brunette picopato. There is abundant fauna, such as trumpets, Mary Franciscans and goats, which facilitate the approach to animals. Even many fish accompany the visitor throughout their expedition.

Diving in Tenerife exlporando

There is also the Yellow Mountain, which is characterized by a rocky bottom in the first meters, at 20 meters it is already becoming a large sandy area. There are many algae species, such as verongia sponge, which are yellow in color. Phono rocks look like strange figures. Thousands of invertebrates also live here such as anemones, lobsters, sponges, prawns, etc. In the sandy bottom there are spider fish, tapaculos and pejepeines.

Diving in Tenerife diving

Exploring a little through Tenerife.

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