Diving in Tenerife

If there is a place where we can enjoy diving it is Tenerife, since this destination has a lovely and recreational space to do all kinds of water sports.

Diving in Tenerife

Here are some tips and places to fully enjoy the diving offer of this Atlantic ocean island.

Yellow Mountain: We are talking about one of the best places to practice diving. With crystalline waters and rocks of yellow tones, discover everything you can do in the Yellow Mountain, a true spectacle for the eyes and a challenge for those experienced divers.

Diving in Tenerife

Roncadores del Faro: One of the most important features that this place has revolves around the beautiful landscape that is around. With a depth that reaches 18 meters, here comes a good number of tourists to experience a pleasant day full of possibilities. Located 5 minutes from the Port of Las Galletas. This reef is also characterized by the display of animals such as rays, sargos, sharks, anemones, trumpet fish, brunettes, and much more.

Diving Tenerife

Los Chuchos: and finally we have this magnificent stage with a depth of 20 meters. The divers move through a frame of sand, water and rock, as well as rides in small boats and beautiful lodgings for rest. Not for nothing the “chuchos” is the meeting point for divers.

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