Diving in Thailand

If we travel to Thailand we must include in our itinerary anywater sports, like diving, and in versiontravel we give you a list of the most popular places for diving in this destination:

Dive in Thailand

Andaman Sea, North: We start with this wonderful place, one of the most popular in Thailand. Discover a large number of marine species such as blankets, whale sharks (between February and May), reef sharks and much more. Not at all, Andaman Sea ranks among the top five sites in Thailand. Prices from 20 euros.

Richelieu Rock: And since we talk about popular sites, you can not miss the most famous dive center in Thailand. Available between the seasons from February to May, here we can find different species such as sharks, blankets, and whale sharks. And of course, you cannot miss a privileged view of reef and coral. Depth levels reach 30 meters.

Diving in Thailand

Koh Bon / Koh Bon Pinnacle: This is an elegant and exclusive dive site. See the most amazing diversity of marine species, including leopard sharks, brunettes, reef sharks, medregal banks, white tip sharks and black tip sharks. The depths reach 18 meters. Prices from 22 euros.

Similan Islands: Now it is the turn to take a look at this spectacular marine park that was built since 1982. With 40-meter deep dives, get ready to find an exquisite diversity of tunas, medregales and serviolas, as well as an impeccable framework of marine life macro. Prices available from 25 euros.

Diving in Thailand

On the other hand, there are always the offers of cruises that grant a different experience, traveling throughout the west of Phang Nga Bay, in a single trip that covers about 120 kilometers to reach the north of Phuket.

Elephant Head Rock: and finally we have this impressive diving center, where an important variety of marine animals such as leopard sharks, gorgonians, soft corals, tropical fish, reefs, nudibranchs, salps, among others are hidden. Immersion levels reach 25 meters deep (appropriate for experienced divers). Prices from 20 euros.

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