Diving in the Philippines

Philippines It is one of the most visited countries for the practice of different recreational sports activities in the aquatic field, highlighting diving among them.

diving in the philippines

Of the different alternative spaces for diving practice, Filipina treasures a paradisiacal tropical corner where we can enjoy a variety of aquatic surfaces. Within the recommended destinations we have:

Cebu Island: Located in the hinge area, this is one of the most popular spaces in the Philippines for diving. Ideal for macro photo lovers, and those who are interested in doing some tourism. In total, more than 2,800 km² of coral reefs await us.

Philippines Diving

Bad Easter Island: As a name more than suggestive, this is a highly recommended diving center for those who do not have enough experience in diving. Prices vary according to season, date and time.

Diving in the Philippines

Philippines Siren: and if you are looking for a bit of adrenaline, then we recommend you take a small trip aboard this sailboat, which in addition to offering you a privileged view of the Philippines, also allows us to practice diving 40 meters deep.

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