Diving in the Red Sea

There are many reasons to go to a place like the Red Sea, which hides a series of tourist spaces and scenarios to enjoy a pleasant stay. And if there is something that makes Red Sea a popular gathering point, it is sports activities, especially diving.

Diving in the Red Sea

Red Sea has a variety of surfaces for diving at different levels of difficulty, as well as the proliferation of algae and more than 250 species of coral. In general, the natural framework is really impressive, with more than 1000 species of fish and crystal clear waters.

To enrich your experience with a list of interesting proposals, here is a compilation of the best destinations for diving in the Red Sea:

Dive in the Red Sea

Diving in the Thistlegorm: We may be facing one of the most economical and suggestive points for diving in the Red Sea. Available during any time of the year, with greater reception in the months of June to August. Additionally we also expect interesting events and local competitions.

Red Sea North Route: If you are looking for a secluded and less bustling place, then we recommend you go to this tourist spot that mixes a diversity of reefs and corals to enjoy the most intense diving in the entire region, with very strong and vertiginous currents. Ideal for athletes with more experience.

Diving in the Red Sea

Sharm el Sheikh: unquestionably one of the sites that congregates a greater number of foreigners. With turquoise waters, overabundance of corals and a beautiful view of the entire city, Sharm el Sheikh is the best destination to spend a family day.

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