Domus or House of Man – A Coruña

The Domus, House Man is found in Promenade of A Coruña, Near the Praia do Matadoiro. It is a science museum, the first in the world dedicated to the study of the human being, with nearly 200 interactive modules type. It belongs to the network of Science Museums Coruñeses (= mc2), Where it is forbidden not to touch.

The Domus has a permanent section devoted to human evolution called “Hominids and hominids, the family conceited”Which explores the possibilities of primitive man and compares us with other animals. Another section addresses the genetics of humans and explain human behaviors that are not as spontaneous as we think.

With “Gioconda sapiens. The face of humanity ‘Analyzes the differences in humans with a composition of the famous painting by Da Vinci made with photos sent people who wanted to participate in the project. With 3D audiovisual projections and temporary exhibitions addressing a man from varied viewpoints. A different experience.

The schedule September to June is daily, 10 to 19 hours. Between July and August, open 11 to 21 hours. The price of admission is 2 €, and supplements for audiovisual Magnavision, 2 and 3D Magnavision €, 4 €. All children under 14 years, Youth Card holders and over 65 have reduced entrance fee 1 € and 2 € audiovisual. Entry is included in the Bono Three Houses de = mc2, which costs 12 €.

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