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Dublin for free, enjoy what the city offers without paying

Dublin It is located in the East Coast of Ireland, near the mouth of the River Liffey. Dublin has its origins in a viking town around the year 841 after Christ becoming the capital of the country during the middle ages.

Dublin It has reached great popularity among tourists who travel to appreciate its cultural, historical and architectural attractions; In addition to visiting some of its museums, as well as being able to see its beautiful natural parks; but, if we have Dublin As the next tourist destination but we do not have much budget, we should not worry because Dublin we will find tourist attractions We can visit for free.

The touristic destinations that we can visit in Dublin for free they are:

National Gallery of Art of Ireland. Located in the center of Dublin, the National Art Gallery of Ireland has collections of important Irish and European artists. The gallery was founded in 1854 and has a remarkable collection of baroque paintings.

Trinity College campus. Trinity College was founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth. We can visit all its facilities within which the faculties, reading rooms, squares, and gardens stand out; The only place where we would have to pay if we want to visit is the Library.

Temple Bar This destination is one of Dublin’s most traditional neighborhoods and has attractions for travelers both during the day (restaurants, galleries, markets) and at night (restaurants, bars, and everything for nightlife).

National Museum of Ireland. In the facilities of the National Museum of Ireland we can see free exhibitions destined to exhibit collections linked to the medieval history of Ireland, the Celtic, numismatic stage, among others.

Since we are in a city where nature is a fundamental actor, take advantage of some walks in the area and do not forget to visit the Harbor harbor; the Phoenix Park; and even visit some little known churches like University Church, St. Stephen’s Green; or simply stroll through the bay and observe the landscapes and green routes that Dublin gives us.

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