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EACNUR – Refugee Assistance

Every day we hear in the news that war, differences in political ideas or belonging to certain ethnic groups, religions or social groups force thousands of people to leave their countries.

UNHCR and Angelina Jolie

Since 1950 UNHCR To ensure the basic rights of these refugees, people whose only way to survive has been to flee their home countries. This NGO Its main mission is to ensure that anyone can exercise their right to request asylum.

Refugees hosted by UNHCR

Fortunately their work does not end there, they help these refugees to return to their countries in conditions of security and dignity, when the situation allows it and whenever they want, or otherwise to settle in another.

UNHCR and its humanitarian work

I am a member of EACNUR For a long time and yesterday they called me informing me of a fundraising campaign, due to the increase in the number of refugees welcomed by UNHCR In the last months. Being able to meet the basic needs of so many people is not an easy task so I wanted to encourage you to participate in this cause. I don't want it to sound like an advertising campaign or personal interest, nothing is further from reality. Simply that I have the possibility of using this medium to publicize this NGO and provide a link where you can make donations if you wish EACNUR

You will see that there are two types of donations, one monthly and one specific. If you become a member of UNHCR you pay a monthly fee of at least € 15 and the prop that is an online donation of at least € 20.

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