El Brezal – Gran Canaria

The El Brezal Special Natural Reserve It is located in the municipality of Santa María de Guía, in the medians of north of the island of Gran Canaria. This area of ​​107 hectares is the largest monteverde reserve on the island.

It’s about a mountain area of steep reliefs with sectors of short embedded ravines and steep slopes. In its northern zone it borders the Doramas Rural Park.

The Reserve was protected because it contains the best sample of fayal-heather on the island, among which we can also see endemisms such as the bicacaro and the big head, or the only sample of cedar on the island and pine forest areas associated with aquifer recharge and soil protection, so we are facing a ecological sensitivity area.

The area has no stable population, but it supports a high traffic of people because it is crossed by the Moya Road-Guide. A royal road it crosses the Reserve and how it houses the Mondragones Dam, is visited by migratory and aquatic birds.

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