El Diamante Shopping Center

One of the largest shopping centers in Medellin, Colombia, is The Diamond. It was inaugurated in November 1979, located very close to the facilities of the sports unit Anatasio Girardot, In a residential sector.

The Diamond Mall

Its three plants are dedicated exclusively to commerce and house around 120 stores. In 1986, an expansion process began, due to the growing demand at the time. As soon as a part was finished, the new premises were immediately built.

The Diamond Wine Mall

The idea of ​​doing The diamond was conceived by the lord Guillermo Quintero (Q.E.P.D.) He relied on the commercial boom in the area. The diamond It has become a point of reference for all the inhabitants and visitors of the Metropolitan area.

The Diamond Creams Mall

He was one of the first to be built in Medellin with a wide commercial offer that includes toys, sports stores, family items, boutiques, footwear and fashion.
Its parking lots are located on 52nd Street, at the back of the mall and the 73rd block.

The Cosmetic Diamond Mall

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