El Lido – Venice

The Lido it is a thin line of golden sand of 12 kilometers that separates and protects Venice of the Adriatic Sea. It is 15 minutes from regular line eastbound vaporetto, from Venice.

You can cross with the car on the ferry. But it is possible to make the tour by bus, although the bicycle is more popular, there they rent.

Its biggest attraction is the fine sand beach, with the huts features all along. Or take walks along the promenade. The area is very well equipped for leisure and sports. The high season is between July and September, after most hotels close.

The best beaches are paid and are found in the Lungomare G. Marconi. In Alberoni there is one of the few public type, in addition to a golf course.

Not only does Lido have beaches, the San Nicolò neighborhood, to the north, it is of cultural interest. The heart of the island is the Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, which connects the lagoon with the sea and has elegant shops, tourist restaurants and luxurious hotels. It is advisable to take a walk through the Hotel des Bains, where Thomas Mann set his "Death in Venice", the Excelsior Hotel, preferred by movie stars who come to the Film Show in september, the Palace of Cinema or the casino And, if you wear fancy clothes, tempt fate.

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