El Teide – Tenerife

The Teide Peak, of 3,718 meters of altitude is the highest peak in Spain. It is located 64 kilometers from Santa Cruz of Tenerife in the Teide National Park. A live volcano that, in addition to its beauty, and the spectacle of “sea of ​​clouds” which is formed around it by the influence of winds, it has great advantages for astronomical observation. For the Guanches, evil lived there.

To visit the Teide you can go up with the Cableway from 2,482 meters to the La Rambleta Terminal Station, at 3,550 meters. The tour lasts about 10 minutes and is not recommended for people with heart problems because of the large height difference that is saved so quickly.

It goes up between 9 and 16 hours, unless the weather prevents it. The tariffs € 25 for adults and € 12.50 for children under 14 years. Upstairs you will find a souvenir shop and bar.

From La Rambleta you can climb towards the viewpoints of La Fortaleza and Pico Viejo. But for visitor safety and conservation of the environment a special permit must be requested to climb to the summit by the “Telesforo Bravo” trail.

At 3,270 meters of altitude is the Altavista Shelter, which gives shelter for one night to mountaineers at a very good price. The place is well provided with services and has an infirmary.

You may process the permit, at least 7 days before, personally, by mail or fax, for a day and time zone indicated, with your document, in:

National Park Office

C / Emilio Calzadilla, 5th, 4th
38002 – Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Telephone: 922290129, Fax: 922244788

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