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Embassy – Australia

To be Canberra The capital of Australia, most embassies are located in this city. Australia is represented by European, Central American, African, Asian, etc. countries, in offices within its territory. These foreign agencies are also found in big cities like Sydney, but they are called Consulates.

Australia Embassy

Keep in mind that all visitors who wish to enter Australia need a visa. Residents of New Zealand They are free but have a special category upon entering the country. There is also a slightly simpler method, it is aimed at 32 countries. This is the electronic travel authorization, when you buy your plane ticket you must pay $ 25 to the travel agency to process it. East Excuse me It replaces the visa but is only available for countries such as the US and Canada, most Europeans and some Scandinavians, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Korea.

Embassy of Australia

If you travel as tourist for a short time then this simple authorization is highly recommended. Instead to stay more than three months if they need Visa, the cost of the procedure is $ 70, the validity is one year and allows you to enter and leave the country as many times as you want. There are other ways to enter, such as a summer work Visa for young people aged 18 to 30 years of nationalities such as Belgians, Canadians, Chinese, Germans, Japanese. With this visa you can enter the country for one year and work in your stay. The jobs are not full time and you can work with the same employer for up to six months.

Australian Embassies

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