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Embassy in England

The embassy of the United Kingdom in Spain it’s found Madrid. The ambassador is Lady Denise Holt. Sometimes it gets confused England with the United Kingdom Y Britain, mistake that can be offensive to Scots, Welsh and Norwegians.

Embassy in England

The United Kingdom understands Britain (composed of three countries: England, Scotland and Wales) e North Ireland. It is part of the European Union. The capital cities are London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. The four countries total more than 60 million inhabitants, being England the country with the highest population density.
In Britain There are two official languages, English and Welsh (English is the most spoken). Scottish Gaelic is only spoken in certain parts of Scotland, along with English.

Embassy in England big ben

Britain It is a mixed nation that shows a strong integration and unity of cultures and races.
The majority of the inhabitants profess the Christian religion (about 70%). 23% of the population does not participate in any religion.

Embassy in England city

The United Kingdom government is a constitutional monarchy in representative democracy. The Queen isabel II He becomes head of state and the elected Prime Minister – Gordon Brown – is the head of government.

Act by Malvinas, in front of the English Embassy.

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