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England cities

Definitely, London It is the most inescapable city of England. However, the English soul does not necessarily feel here, as it is a city where cultures from all over the world converge. If what you are looking for is to enjoy the living traditions of England, you can go for example to cities like York or Bath. The walks through the old neighborhoods are very pleasant, many of them have a beautiful and impressive old architecture that is kept in good condition.

Cities of England London

OxfordFor example, it is a city with a lot of life and history. It was founded in 1214. Its neighborhoods mix restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and theaters. It is north of London. It is best known for hosting the oldest University in Britain and for its beautiful architecture.

Cities of England Oxford

Bath It is a very traditional English city, older than two thousand years. It is located in Somerset County. UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site for awaiting the richest architectural and historical treasures in Europe.
York It is another historic city, in addition to fortress. In their territory the Foss rivers Y Ouse.

Cities of England Liverpool

Liverpool, on the other hand, the cradle of the Beatles, it is an important port in the United Kingdom, besides being an industrial and commercial center.

A walk through the city of London.

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