Eroski trips

When we look for a trip the name EROSKI it becomes quite usual for those who seek best prices, seasonal offers, interesting tour packages, exotic destinations, or just someone to guide you to maximize your budget for your trip.

That is why today we have dedicated time and space to tell you what EROSKI consists of, what is it? Who are they?

Strong leader in the market for both leisure and business travel, founded in 1980 belongs to the EROSKI Group and the Mondarón Cooperative Corporation (MCC), being one of the leaders in customer service and the promotion of vacation activities.

The function of your company consists of your own and cordial customer service, providing as much attention as possible to maximize your travel experience with a much cheaper and more profitable budget. This is one of the greatest successes of EROSKI, by its physical agencies where the client is always treated with great tact.

One of the great advantages that many clients comment on are the huge differences in offers that they present in comparison to other agencies, for example who looks for hotels in the destination, is presented with several possibilities where they come to be found with differences of up to € 250

They give a follow-up to the client and their interests, offering them personalized attention and without careers, to guarantee them the best and most comfortable hotels, transport lines, bringing the client closer to interesting destinations. Where it should be noted that those who travel have chosen to place their trust in them have not been delayed or late or lazy, with the security that EROSKI travel gives you you only have to worry about enjoying that they take care of the rest, an example consists in that before traveling they give you a TIF and name, anticipating any setback, just call to describe the matter and they already take charge.

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