Excursions to the Pyrenees – Huesca, Travel through Spain

This time, the heat has reached us and well, at a common temperature of the typical Spanish Summer, which already exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, the best thing we have decided to do on is to take a trip to the impressive “Aragonese Pyrenees“!

Excursions to the Pyrenees - Huesca, Travel through Spain

One of the most grateful trips that could have occurred to us, was to come to the high peaks of the famous “Aragonese Pyrenees”, ideal starting point for excursions, steps, adventures and of course some fun with the facilities at the base of the mountain for snowboarding! So beginning, we will tell you that the summits of the Aragonese Pyrenees, are perfect for anyone who considers himself a faithful mountain fan, located in the province of Huesca, in Spain, are at a perspective from their skirts of 320 degrees!

Pictures of Los Pirineos - Huesca

In addition to its fame among hikers, the Aragonese Pyrenees, has gained special interest in the ascent to “Ibón de L’Acherito ”, one of the small lakes of glacial origin that hide in the mountain, above 2,000 meters of altitude!

Landscape of the Pyrenees - Huesca

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