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Extreme poberty

According to a report presented by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) the number of people in extreme poberty It would grow between 55 million to 90 million people due to the global recession. Although the necessary efforts are being made to avoid this problem, there are no signs of improvement in a short time.


Despite this, the ‘2009 Global Monitoring Report: A Development Emergency’ believes that the extreme poberty it can be reduced by 15% by 2015, compared to the 1990 figures. It also accounts for the possible growth of extreme poverty in more than half of the developing countries. Most alarming, the report notes, is the possibility that Africa and low-income countries are the most affected.

These alarming possibilities occur because in the next two years, the contraction of export volumes, the decrease in domestic demand and the fall in prices is expected. Accompanied by a decrease in remittances, which are very helpful for millions of people in the world.

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