Extreme Sports in Spain, 1

Very good! This article goes to all those travelers and adventurous at heart who passionately seek to feel the adrenaline rushing through their veins, facing unforgettable moments, an article especially for all those who have written to me previously in an effort to learn more about the adventures Y extreme sports offered by the Spanish kingdom.


I present is an article by way of introduction, and then go slowly detailing the extreme sports North, West and South of the region of Spain. How about we start with one of the extreme sports most popular throughout Spain, enjoying the skydiving, practiced in all areas of Spain from the top of the summits in natural and unique landscapes such as Asturias at the Aerodrome de la Morgal. Either some surfing, on the beaches of the Cantabrian coast, either on your part or to receive some quick courses from the professional schools located in Somo or Santander, such as the school of surf Cantabrian, and the school of Santander. Descending a little more, towards the west, where you can also enjoy parachuting adventures as always in paragliding for those who have just started or in the singular for those who have taken the courses, the center closest to Madrid with an experience of more than 15 years and worldwide recognition, is the “Skydive” on the A-4 road at kilometer number 64 passing Ocaña towards Córdoba.

Balloon Trip

An unforgettable experience (which is already having the courage and courage to enjoy any extreme sport, something that we all must savor even once in a lifetime), being in Madrid and also in Granada, it is advisable to enjoy a balloon ride! In Madrid is the company of Xanadú who launches promotions and offers for special dates or for memorable occasions such as birthdays, marriages, farewells, etc … usually flights last as 1.30 both locations and many more can be quoted in one of the companies better known, “Ski-Karmel”.


In short, we need to comment on many other activities throughout the kingdom of Spain, which we will be sharing little by little in several articles. I invite you to keep track of us and continue commenting as you have been doing.

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