Fabrik nightclub

One of the most important and emblematic rooms of electronic music in Madrid it is Fabrik. The name is already a reference of the electro scene in the country. The quality of your parties together with the experience and versatility of your DJ’s make of Fabrik one of the most important centers of the electronic movement in Europe.

Fabrik nightclub

This is where the most influential DJ’s have passed internationally. Millions of people have danced on their tracks to the rhythm of the latest trends and avant-garde music. Fabrik Hold several sessions monthly, such as CODE.

Fabrik nightclub having fun

His techno episodes are unique and very rich. They have a special poster that brings together transcendent figures from the world scene. César Almena and Nuke are his mentors, who offer a creative staging, establishing a good connection with the public.

Fabrik disco dancing

Is also GOA Club, another important session of the room Fabrik. This is a month-to-month encounter with the most avant-garde international electronic scene. It has followers throughout the country. There is enough quality and freshness throughout the event. It is already a Madrid classic.

Fiestón at the Fabrik nightclub in Madrid.

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