Family trips: alternative accommodation for traveling with children

Whenever we prepare to plan some family vacations, we take into account the needs we face when traveling with children, needs that are very difficult to obtain in hotels or hostels.
More and more families decide rent a holiday homes for travel as a family, obtaining more space, freedom of schedules, more privacy and last but not least, a great saving compared to hotels.
Nowadays many internet portals give you the possibility to rent an accommodation in a simple way without leaving home and obtaining all the information of the property. A very representative portal when traveling as a family is HomeAway Spain, where you can search for properties with filters such as: "suitable for children", "pets allowed", "swimming pools" … and many other features that will help you decide on your next vacation home.
Whether in town, beach or mountain you can find a holiday home to enjoy with the whole family:
Apartments on the beach are the most desired option, in Spain you have many possibilities when choosing a holiday home on the coast. You can find apartments with swimming pool and playgrounds in the urbanization, on the beachfront and in destinations with Theme Parks such as Terra Mítica in Alicante and Port Aventura in Tarragona. The average price of an apartment on the beach for 6 people ranges between 600 and 800 euros a week.

Another increasingly popular option is to rent a rural house for children to enjoy nature. Many of the rural houses have a private pool where you can cool off and relax after having visited amazing Natural Parks or having taken a walk through unforgettable places. The prices of the rural houses vary according to the capacity, but you can find a rural house with capacity for 4-6 people for 500 or 600 euros a week.

A holiday in the city with children can be a very cultural experience for them. You can find apartments in any city in the world you want to visit. There are cities with many children's offers such as Amusement Parks, Wax Museums, Zoos, Aquariums or Planetariums. The apartments in the main European cities with a capacity for 4-6 people are around 700 to 900 euros per week.

With all these benefits offered by renting a holiday home it is easy to understand why it is an alternative increasingly followed by families when traveling. If you have not yet chosen to rent a holiday home, this year you have to try it, we are sure that once you try it you will repeat.

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