Fancy restaurants

In Madrid, the visitor can find the most select restaurants in Spain. Among them it is Horcher, which has three luxurious environments, a main area and two precise rooms for private or business meetings. The menu offers among other things game dishes such as roast in its juices to the port, breseado tenderloin with rosemary deer or wild boar ragout pigeon.

Fancy restaurants

Chamfer It is considered one of the best restaurants in Madrid. Its avant-garde and at the same time cozy decoration highlights a unique ornament in the dining room, which is an olive tree. Customers can see the preparation of the dishes through the glass that separates the living room from the steel kitchen. It stands out for its complete wine list, both domestic and foreign.

Luxury restaurants table

Another important restaurant is santceloni It offers a private dining room, specially designed for important business or meetings. It is a space independent of the main room, which keeps privacy and discretion. It has a delicious gastronomic menu with dishes such as sea ox and wood pigeon.

Luxury family restaurants

El Chafán restaurant in Madrid.

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