Agrotourism is a tourism trend that has grown tremendously in many of the European regions, especially Spain, which with large farms of past times has re-established and adapted to the needs of foreign tourists who come to the area to enjoy the experience of living in nature with certain comforts.

Spanish agrotourism

Thus we have several options in farms that we can visit:

Finca La Majadera: Located on the southern slope of Mount La Esperanza, northwest of the island of Tenerife. This 3,500 square meter estate will allow us to have an experience with the unique nature by growing plums, chestnuts and vegetables and enjoying the paradisiacal landscape of the nearby hills.


Finca Picacho: Also on the Island of Tenerife, this rural center is famous for maintaining in its facilities 3 independent rustic houses. Each of them has complete equipment with TV and pool included.

Finca La Verana: This space dedicated to agrotourism is located 40 kms. from Palma de Mallorca and gives us exclusive spaces to practice hiking, and cycling.

agrotourism menorca

Finca de Las Salinas: This hotel is composed of 2 rural architecture buildings with 17 double rooms. Although it gives us a good view of what life would be like to nature, they have an Internet connection and almost all the services of a 5 star hotel. It is located on La Cuesta 17, Yaiza (Spain)

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