Federation Square – Sydney

The Federation Square (Federation Square) is located in the center of the city of Melbourne, Australia. It is crossing Swansos St, Front of Flinder Station.

The square was inaugurated on October 26, 2002. It was built on the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of the Australian federation.

Panoramic view of Federation Square

An international design competition was held to build the square. The architects of β€œLab Architecture Studio”They won by their design proposal that was characterized by joining different elements and activities in one place, which reflected the spirit of what a confederation is: independent bodies that combine to create unity.

The Federation Square is one of the places you should know for its cultural offer as well as a variety of entertainment venues. In this square you will find a lot of information for tourists, unique places to buy, eat and drink.

Federation Square in Melbourne

It is a place of meeting and socialization for tourists and Australians. It is distinguished by the beautiful architectural constructions that surround it, in addition to its bars, restaurants and centers where various events are held. In this place there are up to 2,000 activities per year.

You can visit the Federation Square Visitor Center, you will find information about all the events that take place in the city, as well as places you can visit and activities to do.

Federation Square event

Square ( The square) It has capacity for 15.00O people, it is the central point where all the events are held.

Visit the website of the Federation Square and find out about the next events to be held.

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