Ferries – Sydney

The ferry network available Sydney It is operational from six in the morning until midnight. It is the best way to cross the port of this city and observe all its charms. It is about crossing the entire city by sea and be dazzled by the tourist charm it offers. They leave Circular Quay Every day, some of them connect directly to the bus service.

Sydney Ferry

Prices vary according to ship Whatever you choose, it also depends on your status as a tourist, student or senior citizen. Thanks to this service you can travel up to 39 destinations, it is an iconic city transport. It is ideal for tourists because it is an innovative way to get to know Sydney, but residents also use it because it is a fast and efficient way to reach any destination.

Australia ferry

The ticket Cheaper is 4.50 Australian dollars. You can buy them in the machines or box office They are located at the ferry stops, but if you find any you can buy it inside the boat. For more information you can use the Ferry Information Office in Circular Quay.

Victoria Ferry

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