Finnish Sauna

The purpose of the sauna is to provide heat to the body to achieve perspiration, for therapeutic or hygienic purposes. In the case of the Finnish sauna, dry heat is used, which borders 100 degrees or a little less, and the relative humidity does not reach 15%. This causes abundant sweating by the body.

Finnish Sauna

The heat of this sauna is obtained by heating non-sandstone stones with electrical resistance that cause the stones to turn red hot and give off Dry heat’.

Among the benefits we can find improvements in the cardiovascular system, which produces an increase in heart rate. On the other hand, removes toxins and impurities from the skin when the pores open, even heavy metals. Clear the airway.

Finnish steam sauna

Also influences the joints, by increasing the circulation and production of endorphins, so it reduces joint discomfort. If you play sports, the sauna will help you recover your muscles after exertion.

Finnish sauna relaxing

You have to have some precautions with elderly people, pregnant women or with heart problems, due to increased heart rate. The first time it is recommended not to spend ten minutes, and do it in the company of someone.

Beauty salon with Finnish sauna.

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