First steps in Japanese food: Oyakodon

The Oyakodon It's one of thetypical dishes of the Japanese food and, basically, it consists of rice that is usually cooked accompanied by chives, eggs, chicken or other meats, combining them all in a special sauce, to finally serve this preparation in a bowl or large bowl of rice.

For the Oyakodon preparation it is recommended to look for brand rice Minori or NishikiOtherwise, it is not recommended to use the rice or long grain since they retain a lot of water and the essence of aromas of this is lost Typical dish of Japanese cuisine. About the sauce, it is important to note that this varies according to the ingredients, regions, time of year and taste of the person who cook the Oyakodon; being the most typical sauce that contains dashi, mirin and shoyu.

While I know cook the rice, we must cut the chicken, vegetables, chives and others, all in small pieces.

Subsequently, we heat the sauce in the pan and add the chopped ingredientsWhen everything is cooked, we add the beaten eggs and, when they are cooked, we pour the entire contents of the pan over the rice previously placed in the bowl.

Finally, it is important to note that we can find the Oyakodon with other names according to their ingredients, for example: Tanindon, when it contains veal instead of chicken; Y, sake oyakodonWhen salmon is used instead of chicken and eggs are served raw.

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