First steps in Japanese food: Sushi

The Japanese food Not only is it characterized by being a reflection of the traditions and customs of this legendary country, or by being an important part of the culture of its people, it is also characterized by the careful aesthetic that is displayed in each of the typical dishes of gastronomy Japanese Within the typical Japanese food we find the Sushi.

For prepare traditional sushi it is essential to have rice cooked in rice vinegar, fish – in some cases seafood – salt, sugar and some Japanese sauces to accompany the Sushi. In some variants we can accompany the Sushi with hard boiled eggs, cooked vegetables, and some pieces of marinated or fried fish.

The experts in japanese cuisine They indicate that the most important thing is the selection of the fish because freshwater fish should not be used since it can contain microbes that can make us sick when we eat the raw fish.

Although the basis of all Sushi recipe it is rice, vegetables and fresh fish; Sushi has been adapted to different presentations and, that is why, we now find variants of Sushi such as Maki Sushi, when rice and fish are rolled in seaweed sheets; Sushi Nigiri, when the rice is presented in the form of meatball and covered with fish; Temaki Sushi, when the fish is accompanied by fried tofu; and, the Chirashizushi, when the Sushi It is accompanied with a bowl of rice in rice vinegar and some extra ingredients like steamed vegetables.

For Eat sushi It is recommended not to use metal cutlery because they alter the flavor of the ingredients (it is best to use chopsticks or wooden cutlery). The sushi It must be accompanied by sauces such as soybeans to soak each piece in it before bringing the mouthful to the mouth. It is recommended to avoid excessive consumption of wasabi because being spicy will not allow us to taste all the flavors.

The sushi It is traditionally eaten in lacquer or wood dishes, all in minimalist style to harmonize with the special aesthetics that all Typical ducks of Japanese food.

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