First steps in Japanese food: Tofu

Tofu not only is it a traditional dish from Japan, but is also ideal for a good and balanced vegetarian diet. Among the main advantages it presents the tofu we have what is Low in calories and a healthy food for people suffering from diabetes.

Basically the tofu It is composed of soybean seed, water and solidifier. Its texture is similar to that of cheese, its color is white, mild in taste and comes in cubes. To prepare tofu we must start cleaning the soybeans thoroughly and let stand for about twelve hours during the summer time. In the case of winter, we increase six more hours and leave them at rest with more water. After hours, we must crush the soy and pour the paste obtained in a liter and a half of water that is boiling to boil for an average of forty minutes more.

After this time, we must strain the mixture to obtain a kind of milk that we will boil again by adding a glass of diluted nigari (which will serve for solidification). In this way, when the milk is already curdled we will throw it in a tank with holes and with a gauze or fine cloth that allows to eliminate the excess of liquid. Finally we keep the preparation in the fridge and wait for it to be ready.

Tofu currently it is also used in stews and soups, having expanded its consumption to the West not only for Japanese food preparation but also in the vegetarian food preparation.

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