First steps in typical Indian food: Curd

The curd, known in other countries as milk curd, is one of the essential ingredients of the Indian cuisine. He curd it's used in India as the basis of vegetarian dishes and to lower the level of seasoning and spices in some meals.

Yes the curd It is usually prepared with cow's milk, in the north of India is prepared with buffalo milk to give to curd a thicker curd due to fat level Who has this milk.

It is also important to note that while the curd can be identified as a yogurt, it differs from this because the yogurt It is prepared based on a pure culture where fermentation occurs due to the acidic characteristics of milk, while curd is mainly made with buttermilk. In presentation the curd is white and creamy consistency.

He curd it can be consumed in different ways within the Indian cuisine. It can be as dessert at the end of the main meal; accompanied by vegetables like sauteed; lightly seasoned with fruits; and even, it can be taken cold or hot as a thick drink as it is considered a rich source of protein.

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