FITUR, world tourism in Madrid


Strolling through Fitur 2010, The International Tourism Fair that Spain organized in Madrid, and that opens its doors to the public on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 January, you can wander the entire world.

Traditional dances

More than 170 countries offer their tourist attractions. Choose your vacation with “Prior tasting”. How is this? Because you can see there, among hundreds of activities, dancers performing the typical dance from their villages, try a massage in Thailand or eat excellent ones Valencian oranges at the stand of Oliva!

Tastings in Murcia

We were and could share with them, checking the village hospitality. They have treated us wonderfully well and we know that your experience at FITUR 2010 cannot be different.

The world tourism news was presented with the new routes for this year. We will tell you one by one. As an example, we will leave you in future entries what is necessary to make the Santiago’s road in this Holy Year. But that is not the only thing, just an example among the many and varied information they have given us.

Moulin Rouge

We promise that we will share it in the articles that we will continue publishing. Do not miss the track.
The value of the general admission is € 8 and its schedule goes from 10 to 20 hours.

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