Flights for disabled and obese: discounts and conditions

When catching a plane, having a disability or suffering from overweight can be a problem. Some travelers, on several occasions, have suffered discomfort due to their physical qualities, which, due to exceeding weight or presenting a disability, have been obliged to pay more than the bill on tickets. In this article, we talk about the general conditions of disabled people and the current situation regarding this issue.

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Free flights and discounts

There are quite a few people with disabilities or with a family member with a medical condition who request to have flights free or cheap to travel more easily. In Argentina, an online petition was even made to create a law, since road trips in this country are too long.

While in some countries there is free ground transportation for people with mobility problems, there is still no airline or country that offers free air tickets, not even discounts or offers, so being a disabled person doesn't Lets get a cheaper flight.

This is a significant economic problem for some people, since a significant percentage of disabled people, like some children, need to be accompanied by a family member to travel.

Additional seats

Some airlines have had a rule for decades that stipulates that disabled or obese passengers must submit to an overpayment to the actual value of the ticket or plane ticket. Even a lot of people who are overweight often have to pay The price of an extra seat. This fact implies cruelty, humiliation and even shame for some of them.

This varies depending on each airline, since they are the ones that stipulate this type of conditions inside the plane. Some recommend that obese people pay for an extra seat or one that is wider. However, in some cases, if seats have finally been left free, they will return the money.

After so many demands on the part of these passengers towards the companies, the courts and companies have finally put the papers on the table and are willing to achieve a solution to solve this case.

For example, Aerolineas Argentinas is one of the first companies that offers an extra seat free for people who are overweight or have an injury on domestic and regional flights. To do this, the form must be submitted INCAD-MEDIF and the Request for transportation of burly / injured passengers with Extra Seat requirement.

Rights and assistance on the flight

In the case of the European Union, we find a law that protects people with disabilities in this regard: Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 July 2006 on the rights of persons with disabilities or reduced mobility in air transport.

This law indicates that, in principle, it is prohibited prevent the embarkation of a person due to having a disability, both on national and international flights. However, they can do it for security reasons.

Likewise, these people have the right to fly in the same conditions as other passengers and without any additional charge for the help they might need. In addition, they must be assisted both at the airport (by airport managers) and on the plane (by airline staff).

In this regard, regardless of the continent in which we find ourselves, many of the airlines have assistance services so that disabled people can fly without any difficulty.

If you need this service, most companies, such as Iberia, ask that you request it at least 48 hours in advance of the flight and that you arrive at the airport with two hours of margin.

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