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Florence’s climate

The weather of Florence It is temperate continental. That’s why summers The rainfall is very hot and almost zero, reaching 35ºC and sometimes at almost 40ºC. The winters, very cold and humid have temperatures of 0-6ºC in the month of January, but it rarely snows.

Christmas in Florence

The spring In Tuscany it is characterized by the golden light that invades everything and the days are very pleasant, although there may be some rain. The autumn It has very mild temperatures, but it is usually quite rainy, especially in November.

Florence in autumn

The best time to visit the city It is in spring and autumn, when the days are very long the weather accompanies, even if we have to buy an umbrella. If you can avoid the months of July and August, since the city is full of tourists, and the heat added to the high ambient humidity, waiting in the queues of museums are very heavy.

Florence in spring

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